All individuals are impacted by the passage of time and the human experience. There is no identical path of growth or change. Our position at any one moment is shaped by our emotions, relationships, and interactions. We have the choice to embrace or hide our identity. Our actions, coupled with garments, present us with a decision to represent ourselves in what can be a truly personal and meaningful way. These designs are expressions of personal character and experiences - who we are and where we have been.

With sensitivity to various perspectives, my approach to these forms become opportunities for individuals to expand into their true selves. Custom silhouettes, textiles, and construction techniques allow an individual wearer to feel comfort and express their genuine nature. Garments are as progressively complex as their wearer. Opportunities to communicate these complexities present themselves through fabric manipulation techniques, breaking up color and pattern, and blending materials in unexpected ways.

My inspiration evolves primarily through emotional and physical experiences in natural and architectural environments. I am attracted to moments indicating the passage of time, transformation, reflection, and connection. While I maintain an overall sensitivity to color, pattern and texture, I find the discovery of small, intricate details in larger, more complex worlds especially moving. Through textiles and garments, I employ sculptural materials, interrupted patterns, slits, folds, gathers, and piping to move people on visual and tactile journeys. In turn, I hope that we are reminded of our person journeys. Each of us has a unique color, shape and texture - our authentic self.

We all have potential.